Edit a Customer (Web)

To learn how to edit a customer directly from the Skimmer web portal, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.

Step-by-step instructions . . .

To edit a customer's information from the web portal, log into GetSkimmer.com and navigate to the dashboard. Then choose the Customers tab. Once you're in the customer list, scroll to the customer you'd like to edit and click on their name.

You'll see a number of different fields you can edit, including information about service locations. You can add bodies of water and route assignments as well. In this case, we want to add some information about the customer himself. Click on the edit button next to the customer's name.

You can see here that we have added a home phone number. Once you have performed the necessary edits, click on the update button at the bottom of the page. You will then see the changes reflected for that customer.

(480) 718-2158