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What is a serviced customer?

Any customer whose pool you have serviced or repaired within the last month. If a customer suspends pool service for a time, you will not be charged for them, but you can still keep them in Skimmer. In fact, you can have an unlimited number of customers in Skimmer, and you will only be charged for the ones you service in a given month.

Am I charged per visit or per customer?

Per customer. For example, if you service a customer's pool 4 times in a month, you will only be charged 50 cents, not $2, for that customer. If you service 100 customers in a month, regardless of how many times you visit each customer, your monthly fee will only be $50. Pretty cool, right?

What is the risk free 60 day guarantee?

You can use Skimmer risk free for 60 days. If you’re not happy, simply cancel and request a refund within the first 60 days to get your subscription fee back!

Does Skimmer work on iPhones and Androids?

Absolutely! Just download Skimmer for your iPhone on the App Store or for your Android on the Play Store. Our native phone apps have everything you need to run your pool business, including the ability to work offline and sync to the cloud.

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