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Everything You Need to Run Your Pool Service Business

Skimmer is pool service software that makes it easier to run your pool business. Now, you can finally ditch that old paper-based system and run your business the modern way.


Track all your customers, each with the ability to have multiple locations and bodies of water. Always have up-to-date contact information, wherever you go.


Everything you need to customize and optimize routes, along with tracking all your service stop data. Easily move stops to a different day or from one tech to another.

Service Emails

Email your customers beautiful service reports automatically when you finish each route stop. Include photos along with chemical readings and dosages.

Work Orders

Easily track repairs, service calls, and filter cleanings. Techs can take photos and fully describe the issue so you know what parts to buy before going.

Shopping List

Need a part? Put it on the built-in shopping list and track it through every stage from purchasing to installing and finally invoicing the customer.

Invoicing Report

You’ve done the work, now get paid for it. Skimmer makes it easy to see all the work you've done for each customer for any period of time, making billing a snap.

Over 67,042,885 Readings and Dosages Tracked

We have a lot of happy customers :)

We know you love being a pool pro, but you're tired of trying to run your business with stacks and stacks of paper - or worse, software that is difficult to use.

You have probably tried finding a solution and have been frustrated with what you've found as most apps are not built for the modern pool professional.

Pool pros shouldn't have to use paper to run their business! So we decided to build an easy-to-use pool service app for pool pros everywhere. Skimmer helps you stay organized, be more professional, and nothing falls through the cracks!

We hope you enjoy Skimmer!

The Skimmer Team

Email Beautiful Service Reports. Automatically.

Filling out door-hangers and leaving them at each pool is a huge pain. With Skimmer, you can email your customers a beautiful service report automatically, and it will look great on any device!

Customize Your Service Report

Add your company logo and include only the details you choose, such as chemical readings, dosages, and completed checklist items.

Include Photos with Every Stop

Make sure your customers know you were there by including photos and showing them how good their pool looked when you finished service.

Try It Out

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Integrate with QuickBooks Online (easy as 1-2-3)

You never have to dread billing your customers again. No more wasting hours just to get paid.
With Skimmer's integration to QuickBooks Online, you can do an entire month's billing in just five minutes!

1. Connect to Your Account

First, Skimmer provides an easy link to follow so you can connect to your QuickBooks Online Account. Simply click that link to get your account all linked up.

2. Import Customers

Next, you can choose exactly the customers you want to import into Skimmer. Bring them all over, or pick and choose only your active customers for a clean start.

3. Generate Invoices

Finally, Skimmer makes it easy to generate invoices inside QuickBooks for all the work you and your techs have done. So nothing slips through the cracks.

Work Anywhere. Online or Offline.

You service pools in areas with no internet connection. The Skimmer pool service app works the same whether you have an internet connection or not. You shouldn't have to think about it, and now you don't. Plus, it automatically syncs to the Cloud, so your data is always safe.

Optimize Your Route. Like Never Before.

Experienced pool pros know that the better you optimize your routes, the more money you make. Driving time is wasted time, and you want to save every minute you can. However, with a 3-ring binder that’s nearly impossible! You need an app to help you, an awesome pool service app, and Skimmer is just that!

Your Route on a Map

Once you see your entire day’s route on a map, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Immediately, you’ll see ways to reduce travel time and increase profit.

Route Distance and Time

Skimmer calculates the total miles and time it will take to complete the day’s route for you. No guessing. No hoping. Just the exact numbers you need to create the perfect route.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop the route stops in the precise order you want them. After every change, Skimmer will automatically re-calculate the distance and time, so you can easily optimize your route.

Save Your Optimized Route

Now that you’ve created the perfect route, save it as your new default. Every week from here on out, you will run the fastest route possible!

Know Where All Your Techs Are. In a Glance.

With a paper-based system, you have no idea where your techs are, when they started, how long they spent at a pool, or if they got hung up somewhere. With Skimmer, you have a visibility into your business that you’ve never had before. With just a glance you know where each and every tech is, when they started, and when they should finish for the day. With a simple tap, you can see their entire day’s route and service stop details. Finally, you can manage and grow your business with more information than ever before.

Track Readings and Dosages. Faster than Ever.

Think nothing could be as fast as writing values down? Think again! Skimmer is the fastest way to enter all your Readings and Dosages. Period. Just check out the video below. Plus, you can fully customize the values to choose from for your personal company.

All Your Customers' Info. Always at Your Fingertips.

Never pull up to a gate without the code again. Never call one of your techs to get a customer’s phone number because that customer’s sheet is in their binder, not yours. With Skimmer pool service software, you always have the most up-to-date customer information with you. And so do all of your techs.

Track Filter Cleanings
(without having to remember anything)

Tracking filter cleanings can be a real pain if you're using spreadsheets and scraps of paper. It's so easy to miss a customer and lose out on that money. But with Skimmer, you never have to worry about that again.

Skimmer Tracks Everything for You

Simply tell Skimmer the last time you cleaned a customer's filter, sit back, and let Skimmer remind you every time you need to clean the filter again. You don't have to track it or remember it. Skimmer does all that for you :)

Watch the 2-minute Video →

Watch the video to see how Skimmer makes it easy to track filter cleanings for all your customers.

Run your pool business from anywhere.

Got questions? Call (480) 718-2158 or email support@getskimmer.com

Never Forget a Part Again

Ever forget to buy a part? Or install it? Or even bill for it? Yeah, we've all been there. That's why Skimmer tracks a part from the moment it's needed until the time it's billed for. So nothing ever gets forgotten.

When you need a part for a customer or to stock on your truck, add it to the shopping list.

Then you’ll know exactly what to buy on your next trip to the wholesaler.

When you start your route for the day, Skimmer lists all the parts needed for your customers.

So you'll never leave home without a part again.

When you arrive at your service stop, Skimmer reminds you to install the part.

Once you have, a simple swipe tells Skimmer it's installed.

Ready to invoice your customers?

Skimmer shows you all the parts installed for each customer.

So you'll never forget to bill for a part.

Adjust Your Whole Week.
In Just a Few Taps.

Your route is always changing. A job takes longer than expected. A tech gets sick. A customer has a special need.

Skimmer Makes It Easy

Skimmer makes it easy to temporarily move route stops from one tech to another or to a different day of the week. No papers to exchange. No binders to swap. No techs to meet. And no customers get missed.

Simply tap, move, and get on with your week. Exactly what you'd expect in pool service software designed for modern pool professionals.

Watch the 2-minute Video →

Watch the video to see how Skimmer makes it easy to make one-time moves.

Tired of the paperwork? Switch to Skimmer today!

Got questions? Call (480) 718-2158 or email support@getskimmer.com

(480) 718-2158

(480) 448-0494 (en español)